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Terrarium garden idle and maintenance

 Terrarium Garden Idle

Before explore the Terrarium Garden idle we need to know about Terrarium,

The terrarium is a vivarium and plants are grown inside a sealed container and it can be kept alive for many years.

This is an efficient way for planting the plants indoor. It is a miniature garden and a complete ecosystem can be developed inside the container.

The plants in the terrarium are self-sustainable and has their own watering system through condensation and transpiration.

Terrarium garden idle:

Plants with the same watering needs are best suitable for terrariums. There are two types of terrariums namely,

  1. Open terrarium – Suitable for plants that can grow in dry conditions.
  2. Closed terrarium – This terrarium is for heat preferable and moisture suited plants.

There are variable terrarium garden ideas and anyone can create their own unique ideas. It needs some major thinking and simple working. 

Terrarium garden idle
Terrarium Garden Idle

Miniature waterfall - We can create a miniature artificial waterfall which will be more attractive for appearance and will be livelier in nature.
Terrarium containers – Selecting the terrarium containers is the first and foremost way from which we can make the terrarium look better. 
There are a vast range of containers that can be used. Some of them are, 

  1. Hanging glass containers
  2. Clay pots for open terrariums
  3. Completed closed glass containers
  4. Jars with adorable and different shapes and sizes
  5. Wooden containers
  6. Light bulbs
  7. Coffee cups and jars
  8. Apothecary jars
  9. Old clock 
  10. Desiccators
  11. Adding carbon to the terrarium – This could be used in filtering the water.

  • Charming stones and crystals can be placed inside the terrarium which makes the terrarium more presentable.

Terrarium garden idle
Terrarium Garden Idle

Addition of mosses helps in anchoring the plants to base and drawing moisture inside the terrarium. 
Terrarium wall – All the terrariums can be placed in a single wall.

Terrarium ornaments – Artificial miniature animals, toys, small wooden barks, tiny clock, pebbles can be placed inside the terrariums.

Lighting setup – LED lighting, UV lights, fluorescent bulbs.
Creating a theme – Themed terrariums are more meaningful and it can be created based upon a person’s interest and need.

Terrarium garden idle
Terrarium Garden Idle

How to take care of a terrarium Garden:

  1. Watering – This is the first thing to do in order to keep the plants live. Depending upon the type of the plants, watering intervals differ.
  2. Light source – There is no need in keeping them in direct sunlight. But it can be kept under bright light.
  3. Temperature – Optimal temperature maintenance is required for developing healthy terrariums.
  4. Proper drainage system – Excess water and wastes produced inside the terrariums have to be properly removed.
  5. Excess plant growth is also a bane. Trimming them whenever necessary is as important as planting new plants.
  6. Dead plants should be removed.

How to care for a terrarium Garden :

For open terrariums, frequent monitoring of the presence of pests such as bugs is to carried out. Because they can easily harm the growth of the plant and can even make them die.

In closed terrariums, the lids should be opened frequently to let in some fresh air. This helps in aiding the growth of plants inside the terrarium.

A very minimal amount of fertilizer can be added.

Insecticidal solutions can also be added in order to remove the harmful insects from the terrarium.

Cleaning the glass of the terrarium is an essential part to be carried out. Lint free cloth can be used for cleaning the fog and dirt in the glass.

How to water terrariums:

Finding the right technique to water your terrariums is as crucial as finding the appropriate plant for the terrarium. 

Not all plants require same amount of water for survival. 

There are certain types of water that can be used for a terrarium. Chlorine water is not good for the plants present in the terrarium and it can harm them. So, try using 

  • Filtered water
  • Deionized water
  • Distilled water 
  • Underground water

Depending upon the type of the plant and species watering cycle differs. 

  • Spray watering technique:

Water should be sprayed in a rotation of 360 degrees. Watering directly on the plants or on the soil is not recommended. Instead water can be sprayed on the glass walls of the terrarium. 

  • Overwatering:

If you overwatered your terrarium, try removing the excess water using a manual or mechanical pipette.

When a terrarium is overwatered and when the roots are soaked in water, it will result to the formation of fungal infections.

Watering depends upon many factors such as the size of the terrarium, quantity of plants, amount of soil present and many more.

  • Mister or atomizer:

Using a mister or atomizer is a brilliant idea for watering terrarium. It aids inequal distribution of water to all the plants with minimal quantity. 

Even pipettes are used for watering.

There is no such tutorial for exact amount of water to be used for terrariums. It is variable and we cannot follow the same method every time. 

Terrarium garden idle
Terrarium Garden Idle

Have a closer look on the plants and soil. Water the terrarium when the soil is dry and make it moist and do not overwater it. Carry out watering once in a while and also do not let the plants dry. 

Nature teaches us everything that we need and we can seek help from nature only by observing it. 

Growing a terrarium makes our mind peaceful and calm. Keeping a terrarium close to us is as similar as keeping the nature close to us. It helps us understand and ecosystem better. So get up and start building your own terrarium or just buy it from a nearby store.

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