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Tropical terrarium plants

Tropical terrarium plants Introduction:

Tropical terrarium plants are getting more attention in recent times. Because they are an absolute visual treat. They look like mini wonder and of low maintenance.

When you look at a terrarium, it really feels like seeing a micro world.

Plants add beauty to our home and our own self, Taking care of them and observing them makes us feel calmer.

They have functional boost like few plants acts as air purifier, they give us positive mood also make our interior look alive. Even we can grow plants in confined spaces also. They make us feel connected to the nature.

Terrarium plant meaning:

Tropical terrarium plants
Tropical terrarium plants

Terrarium is similar to aquarium but has plants in it. A terrarium is usually an enclosed container for smaller animals and plants.

So, a terrarium for plants is normally a sealable container that will have soil and plants. It can be sealed and opened for maintenance and watering.

It can also be an opened container w hich will open to the atmosphere. 

The plants which are suitable for this terrarium format are put under the category of terrarium plants and they are suitable to exist in a terrarium.

Terrarium plants are slow growing and small in size.

There are basically two terrarium types,

  1. Open terrarium
  2. Closed terrarium

1.Open terrarium: 

Open terrariums are evolved to meet the modern format. Functionally they are not a terrarium, but they are similar in the process.

Open terrarium will have a pen dish or bowl, which will not be sealed. This type of terrarium is great for succulents and cactus, plants that prefer dry conditions.

It has to be monitored regularly and watered at intervals.

2.Closed terrarium:

Closed terrarium is exciting format. By creating a closed terrarium, you are creating an ecosystem.

When the container is sealed, plants, soil and humidity create an environment like outside. They form a cycle along with the light from outside.

The humidity from soil evaporates and forms droplets inside the container, which will be the water source for the plants.

Moisture loving plants such as mosses and orchids are grown under closed terrarium.

Tropical terrarium plants:

Tropical plants are moisture and heat loving plants. Basically, tropical plants are the species that grow in hot and humid climate. Some of tropical plants grow higher in length.

So, we will need to transplant or cut/reshape and observe them regularly.

Tropical terrarium plants
Terrarium plants

Tropical terrarium plants are best suited for closed terrarium type. You can create a tropical paradise with these plants.

1.Humata heterophylla Terrarium

It is a beautiful epiphytic fern which is a low growing plant. It has broad leaf like fronds.

If this plant gets appropriate moisture, it grows well in closed terrarium. It prefers semi shaded or shaded growing condition. So, when it is kept at the base of the terrarium it flourishes effectively. 

2.Peperomia Pellucida Terrarium :

It is known also known as Peperomia. It has a have beautiful foliage, low growing, shallow rooted herb with heart shaped leaves.

Peperomia produces cute flower spikes. This species performs extremely well in a terrarium. Peperomia species are popular choice among the tropical plants for a closed terrarium.

3.Fittonia Terrarium

Fittonia or nerve plant is a classic species in terrariums. It is a tropical flowering plant with striking patterned foliage. They can grow up to 10-to-15-centimeter height. That is why this plant is suited well for a terrarium with confined space.

They prefer partial to full shade under bright environment, meaning that they do not prefer direct light. Temperature should be warm and they love humidity.

4.Ficus pumila Terrarium :

Climbing fig is a species of mulberry family. It is a flowering perennial climbing vine. This species prefers a bright spot in your terrarium but do not like direct sunlight.

It has bright colored heart-shaped leaves. You can make any structures with them as they start to grow because it will climb leaps and bounds. They are well suited for large terrariums.

5.Macodes petola Terrarium :

This species is extremely beautiful. It is sure grown for its unique leaf pattern. It belongs to a species of jewel orchid.

The leaves have sparkly veins that look like gold running through them. Pattern of the leaves resembles lighting strikes. They prefer indirect light and warm temperature.

The soil should be consistently moist and not let to dry. For its unique appearance it should be kept in the middle of your terrarium.

6.Neoregelia Terrarium :

Neoregelia is a genus of epiphytic flowering plants. In lush of green plants, if you need a colorful addition then it will be perfect. They are bright red in color. Hence known as fireball.

They are compact in size and ideal fit for terrariums. They do not prefer direct sunlight but has to be in bright and warm environment.

There are lots of other tropical terrarium plants, the above mentioned are more popular among terrarium lovers.

Terrarium plant succulents:

Succulents plants are grown in terrariums. Open terrarium is best suited for succulents. Succulents can thrive well in scarcity of water. They have thick and fleshy foliage.

They strive well in terrarium as they have slow growth. For succulent terrariums, we need to add fine gravel and rocks to the bottom of the container.

Terrarium plant succulents

Terrarium plant succulents

Succulents are sensitive to over watering. They prefer low moisture and high light environment. Succulents are often preferred for terrariums because of low maintenance. 

The most important thing for terrarium plant succulents is the proper drainage system to drain the excessive water.

  • Crassula ovata:

Jade plant or money tree/lucky plant is a succulent with small white or pink flowers and woody stems and oval-shaped leaves. They approximately grow two inches in a year. Jade plant prefer bright light.

  • Kalanchoe tomentosa:

Panda plant or chocolate soldier is a hardy succulent plant. They have greyish green leaves with chocolate brown edges, they are covered in silver hairs called trichomes.

They have a thick leaf for the storage of water, which means watering can be done occasionally. That is why they are preferred more for terrariums.

This plant requires lots of sunlight.


You can go-ahead and start making terrarium wonders by yourself. But before that choose your type of terrarium and the set of plants. 

Curate the number and species of plants that are to be grown together, because plant that require different temperature, light and water content cannot strive to grow in same environment.

Go gift yourself and start making these wonders!

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