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List Of Ornamental Plants With Names

List of ornamental plants with names : An ornamental plant is fundamentally a plant that is widely grown for its beautiful aesthetic properties. The ornamental plants are not only used for decorative purposes, but also plays a major role in conserving energy. 

It also provides business values, where the flowers of these plants are widely used in different ceremonies such as wedding , graduations, birthday parties and cremations.

The ornamental features include color, accent, fragrance and for creating an attractive environment. Any part of the plant could be ornamental like leaves, flowers, bark, stem, fruits and even thorns.

The fragrance and appearance of these flowers tend to improve a person’s mood, says study. Some seeds of the ornamental plants are even used as pet feeds.

Ornamental Aquatic Plants

These aquatic ornamental plants are not only known for its ornamental application but they can also absorb nutrients and acts as filters, even has oxygenating application. Aquatic ornamental plants are the plants that are capable of growing in water environments. These plants are of four types namely,

  • Emergent plants
  • Submerged plants
  • Algae plants
  • Free floating plants


Scientific name: Lilium

Family name Liliaceae

An aquatic ornamental plant with different varieties and colors of flowers.

These flowers attract pollinators as they are very colorful and have string nectars.

Lily plants creates a better shelter and food for aquatic and non-aquatic animals.

Its leaves are waxy and this plant is capable of tolerating variable pH ranges.

2.Water lettuce:

Scientific name: Pistia stratiotes

Family nameAraceae

List of ornamental plants with names
List of ornamental plants with names

This plant has a perennial monocotyledonous water plant and can grow in tropical and sub-tropical fresh water systems.

Its leaves are covered with short hair like structures and have scalloped margins.

They are also used in ayurvedic medicine as it has medicinal application.


Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera

Family name Nelumbonaceae

List of ornamental plants with names
List of ornamental plants with names

Alternate name of lotus is sacred lotus and its flowers are fragrant and are considered to be as a symbol of purity.

Four whorls namely sepal, carpel, petal and stamens are all present in a lotus flower which makes it complete.

Best aquatic plant with low cost maintenance.

It is majorly used as an ornamental plant in Asian countries.

The parts of this plants also have medicinal applications and they are also consumed.

Ornamental Grasses

Grasses can also be ornamental. They are grown for their promising appearance, variable colors, textures and for their low maintenance. 

They are best grown when exposed to sunlight. Can be planted in the fall season or spring season. These grasses are perennials.

Some of the grasses include.

1.Switch grass

Scientific name: Panicum virgatum

They are tall grasses and is a North American species.

It is grown for soil conservation and is used as a biofuel.

They are resistant to cold and are sensitive to the stress caused by moisture.

2.Fountain grass

Scientific name: Pennisetum

List of ornamental plants with names
List of ornamental plants with names

It is a flowering grass and its flowers are red, white and pink colored.

Resistant to drought and are propagated through seeds.

Used for its erosion control property.

3.Purple millet

Scientific name: Pennisetum glaucum

This plant is a hybrid variety. 

These plants are green in color when they are young and it will start turning purple once it matures.

It can bloom in autumn, summer and spring.

It is germinated by its seeds.

4.Fiber optic grass

Scientific name: Isolepis cernua

Fiber optic grass has spikes that are small flower like at the tips of its stem.

This plant is also known as fairy lights and live wire.

At the tip of its leaves, small flowers are bloomed.

Can also grow in aquatic conditions.

5.Northern sea oats

Scientific name: Chasmanthium latifolium

This plant is capable of growing in fertile and well-drained soil.

It blooms in summer and its flowers are green in color.

Can grow with partial sunlight.

Flowers are like spikes, Resistant to drought and can grow in moist environment.
Some other ornamental grasses include,

  • Hair grass
  • Dwarf pampas grass
  • Blue fescue
  • Chinese silver grass
  • Feather reed grass
  • Dwarf mondo grass 

Ornamental Plants

1.Trumpet vine:

Scientific name: Campsis radicans

  • A flowering ornamental plant from the family of Bignoniaceae.
  • Creeper plant. It is a woody perennial vine.
  • Flowers of trumpet vine are red, yellow and orange colored.
  • Drought tolerance plants.

2.Natal plum: 

Scientific name: Carissa macrocarpa

List of ornamental plants with names
List of ornamental plants with names

This plant is a shrub belonging to the family of Apocynaceae .

Natal plum is a flowering plant and often it is grown for its fruits.

Some varieties of natal plum are,

  • Boxwood beauty
  • Emerald blanket
  • Tomlinson
  • Nana
  • Variegata


Scientific name: Aeonium arboretum

A perennial succulent.

Flowering plant and flowers bloom in winter season.

Over 35 species of aeonium is present all around the world.

4.Lily of the Nile:

 Scientific name: Agapanthus orientalis

A flowering plant family and the name is derived from Greek.

Midsummer and early fall are its blooming period.

Grows abundantly in full or partial sun.

This plant can live for about 75 years.

Butterfly bush:

 Scientific name: Buddleia davidii

Belongs to the variety of shrubs.

A completely drained soil is where this plant needs to be grown.

These plants spread vividly.

Butterfly bushes can also be paired up with swamp milkweed, purple salvia, pineapple sage and many more.

Other names and scientific names of ornamental plants include,Hollyhock:


Scientific name: Alcea rosea

List of ornamental plants with names
List of ornamental plants with names


Scientific name: Tagetes


Scientific name: Argyranthemum frutescens

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